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Monuments from 1900

Casa del Fascio

Giuseppe Terragni’s masterpiece. The most iconic rationalist building in town, built between 1932 and 1936.

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Monumento ai caduti

Built in the 30's in honor of the victims of WWI

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Fontana di Camerlata

The Camerlata fountain is a project by architect Cesare Cattaneo and painter Mario Radice

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Asilo Antonio Sant’Elia

A project by architect Giuseppe Terragni built between 1935 and 1937. One of the rationalist buildings in Como.

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Rationalist building by architect Giuseppe Terragni (1927-1929)

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Life Electric

Built in 2015 by archistar Daniel Libeskind in honor of Alessandro Volta

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Faro Voltiano (Brunate)

The Lighthouse was built in 1927 on a project by engineer Gabriele Giussani, it is dedicated to Alessandro Volta

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Monumento alla Resistenza europea

Monument to commemorate the victims of World War II and Resistance movements

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Istituto Giosuè Carducci

Built on a project by Cesare Mazzocchi, it was inaugurated in 1910

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Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia

Built on the occasion of the Volta celebrations in 1927

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