Lake Como Film Festival

1.07 — 2.08 | 2021
The Lake Como Film Festival is back with a new great open-air film festival that features - for the first time - four landmarks of Lake Como’s beauty.
This year, the new ‘La Riva del Cinema’ project will start at Villa Erba and pass through Villa Sucota and Villa del Grumello, before arriving at Villa Olmo park. It will feature a programme of twenty evenings showcasing films d'auteur from 1st July to 2nd August in celebration of the enchanting landscape of the lake area.  
The film festival starts on July 1st at Villa Erba, in continuation of the special edition of this year’s Culture of Villa Erba project, which has its beginnings in 2018. For the fourth consecutive summer, the historic residence - a symbol par excellence of the combination of cinema and Lake Como - opens up to the area, in order to offer high quality cultural events, to be enjoyed in great safety.
The Lake Como Film Nights evenings at Villa Erba are organised by the Lake Como Film Festival Association in co-production with Villa Erba S.p.A., with the patronage of the Municipality of Cernobbio, and with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo. The Lake Como Film Nights offer 7 nights of great cinema for an audience gathered among the trees in the park of the residence that once belonged to Luchino Visconti.

1 — 08 | 07 | 2021
In collaboration with Villa Erba Spa
In July 2018, for the sixth edition, the festival arrived at Villa Erba with a new format: LAKE COMO FILM NIGHT. A unique evening of cinema, music, visual arts and theatre, celebrating the versatility of Luchino Visconti in what was once the home of the great director.
The LAKE COMO FILM NIGHTS, which in the 2019 edition expanded into two nights, are the union of the Festival and its spirit. The pandemic and safety regulations prevented us from developing that formula and going back to the programme of the previous years, without losing the spirit of the initiative.
The film festival has held on to the big Panorama screen from the "Nights," as well as the festival square, an outdoor arena immersed in the Villa's park where its great artistic and environmental themes converge. A programme exhibiting the many different forms of cinema aimed at a diverse audience: from animation to historical films, from documentaries to adventure films. In the era of many small screens, cinema still proves to possess a unique dimension and atmosphere.
4, 16, 21, 23 | 07 | 2021
In collaboration with the Villa del Grumello Association
Overlooking the southernmost part of the lake and with the lights of the city in the background, the Grumello film festival reflects on the relationship between natural elements and the ever-evolving human-urban synthesis, on how human ingenuity can facilitate dialogue between these dimensions today. Four documentaries exploring this relationship and offering a glimpse into a fragile balance that must be safeguarded. For the 2021 edition, the festival will organise the four events in collaboration with four European documentary festivals, with the aim of internationalising the programme and expanding the network of collaborations beyond the Italian territory.
With the idea of offering a glimpse of global landscapes and themes we have involved the following European film festivals, following the cardinal points in a geographical approach: North - DOK Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany); South - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece); West - Doclisboa International Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal); East - Beldocs Documentary Film Festival (Belgrade, Serbia) - each presenting a documentary on the theme of the festival.
15 — 22 | 07 | 2021
In collaboration with the Antonio Ratti Foundation
Since 1985, the Antonio Ratti Foundation combines artistic and cultural experimentation with the care and conservation of its extraordinary textile heritage. There were many moments of collaboration for the festival, in particular with the Research Art Laboratory, based on a common commitment to visual research. The title of the two events at the Villa intersects with silk thread and the term that distinguishes the passion for cinema, anticipating the collaboration that will develop in the autumn as part of the exhibition "ANTONIO'S DREAM: a journey between art and fabric" organised by the Foundation and dedicated to the figure of Antonio Ratti. As stated in the presentation of the exhibition "in his work, cultural and artistic activity has always been an essential element for the creation of an extremely high quality product ". Since its inception, the festival has emphasized the deep connection between the landscape of the lake, creativity and silk production research. The contents of the evenings will be decided on with the Foundation dedicated to artistic and visual research.
27.07 — 02.08 | 2021
In collaboration with Teatro Sociale AsLiCo
For the first time, the Festival will take place at Villa Olmo too, in its beautiful park, where it will complete the LA RIVA DEL CINEMA project, offering the city of Como beautiful open-air seating with an amazing panoramic screen.
Paraphrasing the famous film with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, the evenings at Villa Olmo will be a wonderful opportunity to freely relive nature and culture together, in compliance with the rules, in the name of cinema that knows how to entertain and amuse, animate and contemplate. An event that will offer 7 evenings with a multimedia programme, with thematic and stylistic intertwining between cinema, music, theatre and visual arts. Just like for the screening in Villa Erba, we can only repeat how, in the era of small screens, cinema is able to create a unique and engaging atmosphere.