Parada par Tücc

Parada Par Tücc it's a social project that use art and creativity as union and elements. A way dregs on gratuitousness, freedom end ecology that return back to life with a lot of free artistic laboratory offers to the cityzen. This event it's basically a cityzen parade.
Parada Par Tücc it's an opportunity for associations, informal groups and even every cityzen, to take part at the construction of the city.
The name of the parade it's double: if in one side there's the artistic way of the cortège that assemble the Parade, in the other side there's a strong wish of involve minor art expressions.
The project has also the purpose of create a strong urban fabric composed by all the cityzen and the surroundings. Not only the physical but also the social one.
Parada Par Tücc it's promote by Associazion Partucc and Associazione del Volontariato Comasco-Centro Servizi per il Volontariato di Como, in collaboration with Comune di Como.

Saturday June 8 the pardare will return back to animate the streets of Como. This is the 11th Edition and will starts in Piazza Volta, to go in the historical centre and end at the Lake Gardens where there will be a big party!

The theme of 2019 "endangered" was choosen for the purpose of talking about the important theme of the climate change and how this phenomenon it's killing us. In particular way there will be discussions about the pollution through plastic, petrol, chemical substance, radioactive waste, deforestation and melting glaciers.

Days plan:
2.30pm - Meeting for artist and curious in Piazza Mazzini
4.30pm - Starting of the Parade Endangered from Piazza Volta
7.00pm - Arrive at Viale Corridoni (Lake Gardens, near the ancient locomotive) and at 7.30pm Par Tücc Party
Food&Beverage by CiaoComo Radio
Live Music

The Way:
piazza A.Volta, via Muralto, via Juvara, via Vitani, via Cinque Giornate, via P. Tatti, via Collegio dei Dottori, via Bonanomi (piazza Martinelli), via Indipendenza, via Luini, piazza San Fedele, via Natta, via A. Diaz (San Donnino/Pinacoteca), viale C. Cattaneo, piazza Vittoria, largo Spallino, via Giosuè Carducci, via Giovio, Medaglie d’Oro, via Vittorio Emanuele II, Via T. Perti, via V. Bertinelli, via Indipendenza, via Vittorio Emanuele II, Duomo, via Caio Plinio Secondo, Cavour, via D. Fontana, piazza A. Volta, via G. Garibaldi, Cacciatori delle Alpi, viale F. Cavallotti (attraversamento L. Lario Trieste), viale Corridoni near the locomotive.