Opening of Villa Sucota and Villa del Grumello Parks

from  18 Sep 2022   to  23 Sep 2022

A journey through the hydrangeas
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The amazing views and the botanical treasures of Villa del Grumello and Villa Sucota are open to the public daily except Saturdays for the new season, until October!
On Sundays and holidays Refreshment area organized by L'Ape Breva.

mappa parchi






from  18 Sep 2022   to  23 Sep 2022

The parks are open every day except Saturday from April to October.
From Sunday to Friday h 9AM - 5PM

where: Villa del Grumello and Villa Sucota, entrance from via Bignanico - Como

Villa Sucota Park is accessible only by the path marked on the map.
It is possible to access the park by foot only.
Parking at serra del Grumello (access from via Bignanico)

Further information (in Italian)