Festival della Luce

6th Edition from May 3 to 23, 2019

VI Edition
Como, from May 3 to 23, 2019
This 6th edition "CHIARODILUNA" it's a travel through two sides: one, the artistic one it's based on music, poetry, painting and any kind of visual and non arts. The other side it's based on the technological and scientyfic one, like the biggest intelligence conquer.

The different event will take place in the most beautyful places of Como, Teatro Sociale in the Sala Bianca del Sociale, the magic Ninfeo of Museo Civico Paolo Giovio in Como for the accordion concert of Sara Calvanelli and other external locations like Teatro Nuovo di Rebbio and Villa Imbonati in Cavallasca, thanks to the collaboration of the Comune di San Fermo.

To start the festival, May 3, there will be three connected events: the opening of the "La Luna" exposition at the Università dell'Insubria di via Valleggio, edited by Maria Bondani, searcher CNR-IFN with the students thta have create it; the opening of the "Luna di Seta" at the Museo della Seta, with lunar pictures of Edoardo Romagnoli and his fabric print on the silk. At the end, the first of the meetings "Luna e Psiche. From the Myth of the lycanthropy to the effect of the moon on the human body and mind" in the Biblioteca Civica "P. Borsellino", with the psychiatrist Roberto Cavallaro and the neuroscientist Gianvito Martino.

The usual appointment with the great international science will be really special this year: on May 5 the Festival of Light will host the British astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell, discoverer of the first star pulsar, in 1967, still a young PhD student. It was however excluded from the Nobel, which was instead assigned in 1974 to its Professor Antony Hewish. Only in 2018 was it finally awarded the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. The scientist has become a symbol of the fight against gender discrimination in the academic sphere.

The heart of the Festival's events will also beat this year with the International Day of Light, organized in collaboration with UNESCO and the Italian Physics Society: an evening of science and entertainment at the Social Theater, which will also see the announced participation of the second position of the State, president of the Senate Hon. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, honored by the notes of a well-known pianist. The evening will also host a show conference by the physicist Alessandro Bettini who will transport the public in the Renaissance of Galileo Galilei, with the diary of his astronomical discoveries and music of the time.

The Festival will end with a charity dinner dedicated to the Cometa Foundation which, with the activities of training and accompanying children and young people, has been playing a valuable role in combating youth distress in Como for years.

-THE MOON Educational Exposition from May 3 to 23
Insubria University of Como, via Valleggio 9
Edited by Maria Bondani, searcher CNR-IFN, the exposition will be based on: Earth-Moon System. Lunar phases, tides, eclipses and red moon; The Moon and Us. Its role on the different cultures of the world and times; Moon Mission. Discover the moon with robotic features.

-SILK MOON from May 3 to 23
Silk Museum in Como
The exposition fuse picture art, silk art and a trip on the moon. Exposed some pictures of the moon collection made by Edoardo Romagnoli. Some pictures were printed on the silk to glow up the moonshine.
The exhibit "Moondo-Discover yourself", created by the students and teachers of the Liceo Artigianale di Cometa Formazione, shows the rising of the Earth from the Moon. The public is welcomed by the Cocoon installation produced by the Alessandro Volta Foundation for 8208 Lighting Design Festival 2017.

-MOON AND PSICHE From the Myth of the lycanthropy to the effect of the moon on the human body and mind
Biblioteca Civica "P.Borsellino", May 3, 9.00pm
Roberto Cavallaro, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the San Raffaele Life- Health University of Milan, will deal with the topic in a scientific reading: from the demonstrated importance of chronobiology, to lunar and solar light, on sleep, fertility, aggression, up to the last and significant findings on the potential effects of lunar cycles on the functioning of Man. In dialogue with Gianvito Martino, neuroscientist, scientific director of the "Vita e Salute" San Raffaele Hospital.

Sala Bianca del Sociale, May 5, 6pm
The Festival of Light will have the honor this year to host Jocelyn Bell Burnell. British astrophysicist and discoverer of the first star pulsar in 1967, still a young doctoral student, was in 1974 excluded from the Nobel, which was instead assigned to his Professor Antony Hewish. In 2018 it was awarded the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. The scientist is a symbol of the fight against gender discrimination in the academic sphere. First woman to direct the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the UK Institute of Physics.

Teatro Nuovo di Rebbio, May 6, 9pm
In the bicentenary of the song "Alla Luna" by Leopardi, a multi-voice meeting will be organized accompanied by readings of passages from Galilei to Leopardi, from Goethe to Ungaretti. Speakers: Pietro Berra, poet, writer and journalist from Como; Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa, art historian, professor at the University of Bergamo and curator of numerous important exhibitions (Exhibition "Antonello da Messina. Inside the Painting" now in Palazzo Reale in Milan) which will illustrate in particular famous nocturnal and in particular "Fuga in Egitto" (1609) by Adam Elsheimer; Luca Novelli, writer, draftsman, journalist and TV author, will accompany the public, with anecdotes and curiosities, on a journey on the other "face" of the Moon. Coordinated by Federico Canobbio Codelli, Scientific Committee of the Festival of Light. With this meeting the Lake Como Light Festival intends to promote the spread of culture also in the peripheral areas of the city. Readings by Simone Giarratana.

Teatro Sociale di Como, May 16, 8.30pm
As part of the second International Day of Light (International Day of Light, IDL) called by UNESCO (IDL), in collaboration with the Italian Physical Society (SIF). Waiting for the participation of the President of the Senate, the Hon. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. The evening - conducted by Piero Bianucci, scientific journalist of La Stampa, and introduced by an exceptional pianist - proposes a flight between past and future, between science and entertainment. To the stories of important witnesses of adventures in space, the show I say the Universe, written by the physicist Alessandro Bettini, vice president of SIF, is the counterpoint. It is an exciting diary of the astronomical observations of Galileo Galilei, who with his perspicillum (his telescope) was the first to look into the secrets of the solar system and the stars, observing the satellites of Jupiter, the mountains and the valleys of the Moon. Entrusted to the author and also to young actors, the splendid Galilean prose is intertwined with the original music of Vincenzo and Michelagnolo Galilei (father and brother of the scientist) interpreted by the Duo Dolcesuono with instruments of the time: the dulciana, the lute and l 'archlute.

Villa Imbonati in San Fermo, Cavallasca, May 11, 8.30pm
An artistic experience among the eighteenth-century rooms of Villa Imbonati. The dwelling houses the luminous works of Gabriela Butti, a young artist from Como who makes light a revealing element of her works. The works speak of light, of the moon, of a second moon, just as the altar female quintet AltAir is dedicated to the moon, with the arrangement of the famous "Clair de lune" by Debussy.

From May 11 to 19, 10pm, Offshore Dams in Como
As a sign of embrace at the International Day of Light, a powerful beam of light from the Brunate funicular will light up every night to reach the breakwater and the monument to Daniel Libeskind Life Electric, dedicated to Volta.

Ninfeo in Museo Giovio, May 12, 9pm (if bad weather Art Gallery)
Sara Calvanelli, graduated from the Milan Conservatory, offers a selection of songs for accordion in electronic and voice. Among ancient love songs addressed to the moon, dialogues between lovers, nocturnal and feminine atmospheres, it outlines a magical journey dedicated to our satellite that influences us and has always symbolized the woman and the most sensitive and intimate aspects of the human psyche.

From Palazzo del Broletto to Villa Olmo, May 18, 9pm
A walk under the full moon accompanied by tales of ancient legends of Lake Como, and not only, inspired by the night of the full moon and narrated by Pietro Berra, poet, writer and journalist. With the participation of Gruppo Astrofili Lariani, which from the park of Villa Olmo will propose a moment of observation of our satellite with the telescope. The itinerary is an opportunity to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage of the city which, from the medieval Palazzo del Broletto reaches the majestic Villa Olmo, passing through the promenade named after Lino Gelpi with his neoclassical villas.

Fondazione Cometa, May 23, 8pm
The Lake Como Light Festival is back with an event of social solidarity! The evening is in favor of the Cometa Foundation, which works to counter youth problems. The well-known reality of Como is made up of an association of families engaged in welcoming children and young people in education and training and in supporting their families, as well as by Cometa Formazione, which offers four-year courses in education and vocational training. The Festival hosts at the Silk Museum / Luna Exhibition an exhibit on the theme of the Moon created by teachers and students of the Liceo Artigianale di Cometa Formazione.

Villa Erba, Cernobbio, November 8, from 10am to 6pm
Energy and Industry: how to maintain competitiveness in a global market, paying attention to the principles of environmental sustainability? Some, among the most important representatives of the Italian industrial world, will address this issue, confronting themselves with the leaders of the production and distribution of energy to identify the critical points of the system and anticipate future developments.

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