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Festival Como Città della Musica


XII Festival Como City of Music

The nights that remains
27th June - 13th July
A festival that stars from the centre of the city, from the Teatro Sociale's Arena, with a lot of appointment in two weeks, from the rise to the sunset, in the most suggetsive places of Como.

The XII edition of the Festival starts with the 7th edition of a "take part" opera and the collaboration of 200.Com (a city choral composed by almost 300 people) in La Traviata of Giuseppe Verdi (27 and 29 June, July 2), directed by Alessandro Palumbo and Andrea Bernard, take place in the nowaday glamour, where luxury create the place where Violetta Valery reborn.

The meeting continue with The Legend of Morricone (July 4), to discover the most famous soundtracks of the roman compositor, already Oscar prize, Ennio Morricone, in collaboration with MyNina Shows.

Sonics in Toren, a fusion of dance and acrobatics, will be on stage the July 6th, with the coreography of Federica Vaccaro and Alessandro Petrolini. Toren it's a real "hymn" to the colour, symbol of happiness, passion and hope.
The astonishment that everyone feel when child, disappear passing certain age. A single act, 90 minutes, that seek to remember the feeling of magic and surprise using poetry coreographies rich of suspence.

The Negrita are already made a record with their proceeds, on the tour for celebrating the 25th anniversary, and, with stunning presales, they will arrive at Teatro Sociale's Arena of Como in July 11, in collaboration with MyNina Shows.

July 12, to remember Domenico Modugno's 90th anniversary (1928-1994), "Uomini in frac". An homage to Domenico Modugno of Peppe Servillo, Furio Di Castri, with Peppe Servillo, Javier Grotto at sax, Fabrizio Bosso at trumpet, Furio Di Casti at
double bass, Rita Marcotulli at piano, Mattia Barbieri at drums.

The festival will ends the July 13th at the Teatro Sociale's Arena, with "Tango Long Night" with Giacomo Medici Tango Orchestra; after a dance and music show, there will be an open public milonga.

Two the "Boat Trips" of this year: June 30 and July 13, to discover, through the lake, the places where compositors, artists and actors lives; the first one it's based on Bellini's places, adventures and passions of the '800s, with anarration directed by Stefano Lamon and Francesca Zardini; the second one, in Villa Carlotta, with Trio Akai, to celebrate the 200 years of Clara Wieck Schumann, who many time has visitated the Lake of Como, thanks to the friendship, love and empathy with Johannes Brahms.

Eleven are the meeting near the festival, in differents hours and places to infect the bordering cities where tourists and passer-b6y can admire the beautyful landscape offers by the lake, hearing music: Torre del Baradello (June 28, at the sunset with Quartetto F.A.T.A), Tempio Voltiano's Gardens (July 2, with Opera Guitta), Hangar Aero Club Como (July 3, at 10pm, with jazz improvisation, from Gershwin to Scarlatti, from Händel to blues, with Enrico Pieranunzi), Sant'Abbondio Chiostro (July 5, with Sala Singers), Villa Grumello Park (July 7, for a "violin fight" at sunrise, with Fabrizio Falasca and Gabriele Pieranunzi; next, two meeting dedicate to the kids with project like Opra Baby and Opera Kids; Elisir Magia Dolceamara and Elisir d'amore, love struggles of the bunny Nemorino), Duomo Cathedral (with Missa in tempore belli of Franz Joseph Haydn, July 7 with Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh, Oratorio Society of Minnesota), Monumento ai Caduti (July 9, with Lorenzo D'Erasmo and Gabriele Lattuada), Giardino della Valle (July 10, with Sondrio Laffranchini), Hotel Terminus terrace (July 12, with MAME DONNE 2019).

Five "waiting the Festival" shows: Hilton Lake Como terrace (June 8), Villa Medici Giulini (Briosco, June 9), Sheraton Hotel (via per Cernobbio, June 14), Villa Carlotta (Tremezzo, June 15), Cà d'Industria Celesia Como (June 26).

Will be possible to buy tickets online from April 1. At the ticket office inside Teatro Sociale, from April 2 2019.  

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