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Festival della Luce

Fourth edition of the Light Festival in Como
from April 28 2017

The Fourth edition of the Light Festival - Lake Como is on!
The Festival relies on the scientific tradition of Como, the hometown of Alessandro Volta, who, with the invention of the electrical battery, has paved the way for innumerable applications of electricity, including artificial lighting technologies.
The Festival is organized by the Alessandro Volta Foundation and promoted and supported by the Association of Citiy of Light.

In 2017, the Festival offers a trip to the most festive and spectacular heart of Ligh: Color.
A journey through nature sciences, philosophy, technology, art. All events are free (with compulsory registration to events via the Official Website and they intend to involve the widest possible audience through meetings with scientists, philosophers, art historians, and prestigious publishers.

Color is therefore the main character in every facet, with events that can touch the interest and sensitivity of all.
The articulated and colorful program envisages 4 meetings (respectively with the Nobel Prize for Medicine Erwin Neher, and with Philippe Daverio, Stefano Boeri and Karel Lemr), 3 educational workshops on different aspects of color for children and teens,  an interactive exhibition at Palazzo Broletto and 6 events, including a scientific conference by Alessandro Farini, accompanied by an acrobatic show of the Compagnia dei Folli in the extraordinary architectural stage of Piazza Grimaldi.
Closing event will be a walk on the Footsteps of Alessandro Volta from Villa Olmo to the Garden of the Cernobbio Valley.

The complete program


Interactive Exhibition
From Friday April 28th to Sunday, May 14th
Broletto Palace
Curated by Maria Bondani of CNR - IFN (Department of Science and Technology at the University of Insubria in Como).
The free entrance exhibition features numerous interactive exhibits such as: Tribute to the great German artist Gerhard Richter • Color Physics • Color Perception • Color Recording and Playback • Colors of Nature • Colors of Fashion and Design • Color in art.
Trained students accompany the schools and the public in the guided tour - Reservations required.

Meetings for the general public
Friday, April 28 at 9 pm
Venue: Teatro Sociale
LIGHT AND COLOR IN ART Art became modern when Caravaggio discovered Light
Philippe Daverio, an art historian, formerly a culture councilor for the City of Milan, gallerist, publisher, author of books and television broadcasts will discuss the theme chosen for the Festival is that of “light in painting”.

Tuesday, May 2, at 9 pm
Venue: Aula Magna, Collegio Gallio
Karel Lemr, Regional Center of Advanced Technology and Materials - Joint Laboratory of Optics, Czech Republic Presented by Maria Bondani, CNR - IFN (Department of Science and High Technology of the University
Of the Insubria to Como).
What is color? Where is he from? How do we see it? Introduction to vision and color representation.
Translation will be provided from English to Italian, in the form of dissemination, on multimedia devices.

Thursday, May 11, at 20.45
Venue: Teatro Sociale
AROUND THE COLOR OF DREAMS Cities built with desires and fears
Stefano Boeri, an architect, talks with Giulio Giorello, philosopher of science. Moderator Diego Minonzio director of the daily newspaper La Provincia di Como.
In collaboration with Le Primavere de La Provincia.

Saturday, May 13, 6 pm
Venue: Sala Bianca, Teatro Sociale
IONIC CHANNELS Their discovery and their role in pharmacology, biomedicine and photoreception (with simultaneous translation).
Erwin Neher, Max-Planck-Institut für Biophysikalische Chemie, Göttingen. 1991 Nobel Prize for Medicine. Thanks to his studies on ion channels and patch clamp technology, he has progressed in the fight against degenerative diseases of the nervous system. He leads a workgroup on visual signal processing in primates with particular regard to color.

Friday May 5th, at 9.30 pm
Venue: Palazzo Saibene, the Gallietta
CHROMOCONCERTS The colors of music
Alessandro Marangoni at the piano with the directors of Stefano Sgarella and Michele Ciardulli.
The Chromoconcerto is a show devoted to the creative act and the combination of visual and sound art. The correspondence between light and sound, scientifically proven by Newton, turns the music into light and color. The colors of the iris in fact
are seven, just like the notes. Starting from the theories of Pythagoras and Newton and the attempts of Russian composer Aleksandr Scriabin to visualize the colors, the piano notes are projected in perfect sync and, through a special software, they assume the colors according to the Newton circle.
Equipment and VJ: Carlo Caiaffa. Graphics: Veronica Gariboldi.
In collaboration with Lake Como Festival.
In case of bad weather the concert will be held at Foyer of the Teatro Sociale di Como.

Saturday, May 6th, at 4.00 pm
Venue: Broletto Palace
Francesca Valan, color designer. Like music, color is a language that you learn with education. It is therefore important to educate children, bearing in mind that chromatic perception changes with age. Correct color use translates into an improved visual space and quality of life for both adults and children.
In collaboration with Lechler S.p.A.

Saturday 13th May, from 10pm to 11.30pm
Location: Piazza Grimaldi (open air event)
IN THE COLOR Scientific conference with multimedia show
Alessandro Farini, optical physician, is responsible for the Psychophysics and Ergonomics of Vision at the CNR National Institute of Optics (INO-CNR). Why is an object red? Is vision an objective or subjective phenomenon? Our brain plays an important part of our perception.
The conference explores spectacularly the interaction between the physical world and the human mind, even through experiments
involving the public in the square.
The journey "in the color" is accompanied by Stefano Caimi and Marco Salvi's multimedia commentary - Studio Antimateria. It is intertwined by the acrobatic performances of the Compagnia dei folli on the extraordinary architectural surroundings of the square, nestled between the Duomo, the Broletto Palace, the Bell Tower, the San Giacomo Church and the Bishop's Palace.
In case of bad weather the event is postponed to 13th May.

Saturday, May 13th, 11 am
Venue: Broletto Palace
UN LAMPO A PALAZZO DEL BROLETTO Meeting with Isaac Newton, color magician and convinced alchemist
A curious portrait by Luca Novelli, a publisher and author of books and television shows.
Considered by many the greatest genius of history, Isaac Newton is the man who first decomposed and reconstructed light. The author of the Universal Gravitation Law was also the London Mint Director, looking up to the last way to change lead into gold.

Sunday, May 14, 10 am
Venue: Broletto Palace
COMPETENCES Photography and scientific creativity
Prize of the two competitions reserved for students and teachers of Secondary Schools of First and Second Degrees: photo competition on "The Colors around You"; Competition for "Scientific Creativity for the Realization of New Light Experiments", based on the use of the Photonics Explorer teaching kit within the European Photonics4All project.

Sunday, May 14, at 2:30 pm
Meeting point: Villa Olmo
WALKING WITH VOLTA At the edge of the city as in a movie
Accompanied by Gianni Biondillo, writer and professor of Architecture - University of Mendrisio, and by Pietro Berra, journalist and poet.
You walk from Villa Olmo to the Giardino della Valle in Cernobbio following the suggestions that link the inventor of the stack to the cinema.
Arrival from Cernobbio at 7:30pm
Canceled in case of rain.
In collaboration with Le Primavere de la Provincia di Como.

Autumn events
Saturday, September 16, at 6.30 pm
Venue: Teatro Sociale
Meeting in Theater with physicist Erasmo Recami and composer Roberto Vetrano.
In collaboration with Teatro Sociale Como - AsLiCo

Thursday 28 and Saturday, September 30, at 8.30pm
Venue: Teatro Sociale
Opera by Roberto Vetrano. Director and Booklet by Stefano Pintor. Orchestra The Pomeriggi Musicali of Milan.
Coproduction of the Theaters of Brescia, Cremona, Bergamo, Pavia, Bolzano, Magdeburg and Valencia. Edited by Memories.

Friday, October 20, from 10am to 5pm
Place to be defined
ENERGY FORUM The future of energy will be the energy of the future?
In the near future, electricity begins to become a commodity at near zero cost, as a result of the growing slice of self-production and the increased cost-effectiveness of new technologies. Utilities tend to be more and more
to integrate their offer with other services: in a market that evolves in this direction, the scenarios change and the relationship with the customer is very important. Will Enel and Edison's competitors be Facebook and Google?
In collaboration with The Adam Smith Society.
Participation on invitation.

Free Admission for all events, reservations are required on


For the detailed programme see 
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