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GERMINA by Francesco Diluca

from  12 Apr 2017  to  01 May 2017

Francesco Diluca Exhibition in Como

Exhibition Exibition's opening

From April 12th to May 1st 2017  the Spazio Ratti, Exhibition Venue and Former Church of San Francesco in Como, is hosting the exhibition by the Italian sculptor Francesco Diluca entitled Germina, curated by Davide Caroli.

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the City of Como, will present some of the latest works by the Milan artist, made specifically for this occasion.
Born in 1979, trained at the Brera Academy, Francesco Diluca is becoming renowned in the national art scene for his intense and fascinating work that focuses on a lucid analysis of the human reality in which we are immersed, a surprisingly clear reading of dynamics and processes.

His art has developed in recent years in a process that stems directly from the experience of the first sculptures celebrating the human lack of consistency, he has reached a new stage that celebrates rebirth, which is embodied by his now recognizable sculptures showing butterflies, a symbol of a fragile reassertion of oneself.

Inside the former church of San Francesco you will encounter an engaging and fascinating exhibition in which his mysterious figures, representing contemporary men stripped of any frills and reduced in a nutshell, to the circulatory system and its precious internal organs, offer themselves to us almost as totems that emerge from a large expanse of salt, ambiguous and ambivalent element that on the one hand can damage these men made of iron but it may also protect and preserve them.

The backdrop to this group of ambiguous characters there will stand two large human figures, a man and a woman, whose contours, less sketchy and more defined, will comfort the spectator about the success of this process of rebirth and reconstruction of being.

In two small niches in the apse two other works will be on display, they will accompany the visitor to immerse themselves even more in the atmosphere created. Across from them a large video installation plays a performance in which an iron fiber sculpture fiber was set on fire and has therefore acquired a new shape and a new consistency.

This project, launched in 2015, is designed specifically from the beginning for the precious and unique setting of the Spazio Ratti - Former Church of San Francesco di Como, which turned out to be one of the most suitable to accommodate the work and artistic thinking of Diluca. The location it is perfect for enhancing both the hosting venue and the Artist’s works, creating a direct relationship between the content and the container, underlining and highlighting the inherently spiritual aspect of this process.


Duration: April 12th to May 1st 2017
Open also on festive dates:
Easter, Easter's Monday, April 25th, May 1st
Opening: Wed April 12th at 6 pm
Free entry


Opening times:
Tuesday to Friday: 3pm to 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday and Holidays 10am to 8pm


Location: Spazio Ratti