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Visioni arbitrarie - Art Exhibit

from  02 Sep 2017  to  24 Sep 2017

Adriano Caverzasio painting exhibit


PicassoVisioni arbitrarie (“Arbitrary visions”) is the third personal exhibit by Adriano Caverzasio, in the former church of San Pietro in Atrio. Just as in the two previous exhibitions, the background ”theme"- writes Roberto Borghi in the text of the catalog - is the possibility of the union between the perfection of the structure and the creative instinct, between Design and Poetry. "

The paintings and plastic works on display focus on rationalist and neoclassical buildings in the city of Como. In these works, "Caverzasio seems to have cut off the architectures by lightening them and bringing them back to a skeletal condition: such anomalous sculptures were born in the exhibition, almost three-dimensional drawings of the building structures, which in most cases are disassembled, decomposed and reconstructed according to a logically arbitrary logic. This will become even more apparent in the paintings that at first glance seem to be post-seismic scenes, visions of architectures altered by landslides on which they have been made. "Visioni arbitrarie è la terza personale di Adriano Caverzasio nella ex chiesa di San Pietro in Atrio (le altre due si sono tenute nel 2005 e nel 2011). Così come nelle due precedenti mostre, anche in questa «il “tema” di fondo – scrive Roberto Borghi nel testo in catalogo – è la possibilità di far convergere strutturazione dell’immagine e istintività creativa, rigore compositivo ed espressione dell’interiorità più recondita, progettualità e poeticità».

As the Artist explains "...Picasso and Braque, at the beginning of the twentieth century,  gave birth to cubism by shredding common objects such as a table, a chair or a guitar, then re-proposing them to a single floor in complete absence of perspective. Afterwards, futurists have tried to understand the mechanism of movement, then representing it in dynamic sequences through sculptures and paintings. And so dismantling and rebuilding was the belief of a lot of modern art, as is now the case of just as much contemporary art. I began to try to cure my curiosity a few years ago, with a series of small drawings subsequently realized in small sculptures representing decompositions and recompositions of details of the Casa del Fascio, and then de-structuring this historic building in its entirety. All without a logical appearance, but only following my instinct. "

Adriano Caverzasio was born in Rodero (Co) in 1944. He lives and works in Como. He teaches at the ’Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli in Como.



Venue: San Pietro in Atrio, via Odescalchi 3

Free Admission


Tuesday to Sunday  10.30am - 7.30pm

Opening on Spetembre 2nd, 6pm