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Itineraries in town

From Medieval to Neoclassical Age

A path across history and art in town

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Walk along the shore of Como villas

An evocative walk along the west shore of lake Como to admire neoclassical villas

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Volta's Itineraries

Discovering Volta on a path inside and outside the walls

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Risorgimento Como

The history of Risorgimento in Como. A very interesting path across an interesting era

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Enjoy Como's architecture thanks to a specific itinerary across rationalism

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Como city of silk

Como is home to silk production and design. An itinerary to get to know its history and opportunities

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9 things you might not know about Como

Be curious, there are something that you might not know about Como

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Walking in town thanks to some specific itineraries created by association Iubilantes

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Como Sud

A walk outside the city center to discover Como's hidden beauties

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Virtual tour

Take a look at the most popular Como's tourist attractions

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