Como in 24 hours

Baradello DJI_068524 hours to discover the City

Have you just arrived in Como and have the day to get to know the city but
don‘t know where to start?
Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time:

For city lovers, a stroll through the picturesque historical city centre and perhaps a spot of shopping, with appetising breaks in-between your sightseeing expeditions
Approximate duration: without visiting the inside of monuments, about 1 hour

For landscape and nature lovers, a walk along the lakeshore and a hike in the hills taking the funicular railway  
Approximate duration: lakeshore walk, about 1 hour and 40 minutes; including the trip by funicular railway, about 4 hours

For history lovers attracted by the past, a visit to the city’s museums
Approximate duration: around 1 hour for each museum

…and while 24 hours are not enough to discover all that the city has to offer, they are definitely a good place to start and think about your next trip to the lake!

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An emotional video to begin exploring the city!

Complete transcription from speech

Just 31 miles from Milan and 24 from Lugano, on this branch of Lake of Como...COMO!!!!!!  Cross the imposing walls passing through Porta Torre and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the city.
Wait a second! Is Today Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday? Take a step back, because today is market day! And after this moment of urban life, you could head to the majestic Cathedral, passing through the narrow streets full of stores and historical beauties... Great to combine shopping and culture, isn't it?
Time runs but luckily there is much more to see next to the Cathedral, such as the social theater, one of the oldest and most evocative in northern Italy, and the masterpiece of our architect Terragni, theCasa DelFascio used as the Headquarters of the National Fascist Party until 1945.
But now, why not go and enjoy the lake? It's there, just behind Piazza Cavour! Fantastic, isn't it?  Let's enjoy some more history, in Como we have fantastic museums! You can stop to admire the paintings exposed in our Pinacoteca... This is the city of the mythical Alessandro Volta and his battery, and if you want to know more about it, well, the TempioVoltianois the place to go. Overlooking the deepest lake in Italy, this monument houses a permanent exhibition.
On your way through the gardens, did you take a detour to the seawall to see Libeskind's "The Electric Life"?  No? What are you waiting for?  While we're at it, you can continue your walk along the lake. Here you are in front of the historical residence Villa Olmo. Not satisfied? Well...  If you look closely, on the other side of the picturesque stretch of water, you can see Villa Geno with its gushing fountain. But before reaching this beautiful 19th century villa, go up to Brunate comfortably sitting in the funicular that leaves from Villa Geno. 1000 meters and 7 minutes later, enjoy the magnificent view that only the lighthouse of San Maurizio can offer to its visitors. Do you see there? That's Milan!
I would also like to tell you about the textile industry, which has been the driving force of Como for many years! Or you know what? I’ll leave it to those who live it every day to tell you about it... In which museum? The silk museum of course!
 Did someone say relax? How about an aperitif while enjoying the beauties of the lake? Not bad right? And nowlet our restaurateurs spoil you! You are in Como, we recommend a dish of our catch. Kilometer zero? I would say centimeter zero!
It’s late in the evening and the day has been full, but it’s not over yet, Why not continue the visit with a good glass of wine? Or not! Good night...