Piscina Sinigaglia

Built on a project by engineer Gianni Mantero

In 1933-34 the Stadio G. Sinigaglia (stadium) was bought by the Opera Nazionale Balilla and the engineer Gianni Mantero. After modifying the entrance and the grandstand, the actual building that contains the swimming pool was also constructed.
Supported by pillars, and consisting of a pool with various depths (from 0.47 m to 3.17 m), it is completely isolated and therefore easy to inspect from the outside.
The two-level diving platform (3 and 5 m), in reinforced concrete, is connected to a large semi-circular window from which you can also access the sun-terrace.
The stands and the two balconies that serve as grandstands efficiently complete the structure.

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Via Giuseppe Sinigaglia 2
Phone: +39 031 573766 (CSU)

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