Discovering Lake Como on two wheels // Cycling, MTB and more

By bicycle or motorbike, the magnificent view of the Lake Como is always exciting. By bike you can even enjoy a close-up of the beauties of Como’s historic center and especially feel nature´s scents and sounds in those paths accessible only with the most environmentally-friendly means of transport.


There are many routes for bike lovers: path-roads around the lake, between the historic villas and their precious parks, mountain trails with spectacular views, pathways to discover outdoor artistic beauties.  

Simple routes for families or more challenging for experienced cyclists.
Sustainable ways to discover history, art, culture and natural beauty around the area.

Guide to the paths in the province of Lecco and Como by bicycle (pdf 6,86MB)
Bicycle tour guide Lecco, Como, Varese – Ciclovia on the Lakes (pdf 3,32MB)

Ciclovia dei Laghi - General Map(pdf 1,81MB)

Sport and Relax by bike - Tourist Guide (pdf 2,19MB)


A video that tells about the Lake Como between landscapes and legends, from Como to Ghisallo, passing through the most picturesque places on the lake: the little square in Torno, Nesso, Villa Melzi and Bellagio. Epic final on the Sormano Wall ... and well-deserved rest whilst enjoying polenta and wine.

How to get to Como by train carrying your bike: Milan – Como line - Roundtrip
Como is served by two regional railway lines and it is possible to carry your bike, even for groups of cyclists. See directions and fees of Trenitalia and Trenord.

Once you have arrived in Como, you can follow by bike the routes suggested above, or then carry your bike on the funicular railway up to Brunate and from there you can follow the uphill route to the Lighthouse or go down in the city again. Bikes are allowed on the Funicular railway depending on the number of passengers on each journey.

Alternatively, you can also directly reach the town of Lake Como served by the public transport service of Navigazione Laghi where bicycles are generally allowed. The number of bicycles allowed on board depends on the type of ship and on the contingent traffic. Fast-boat runs like hydrofoils and catamarans, don’t allow you to take bicycles on. Once you have disembarked, you can continue your trip enjoying the beauty of the lake and follow the paths reported above.

Connections to Switzerland and bike on the train
Trains that connect Milan to the Ticino - that is, the Chiasso, Lugano, Bellinzona, Giubiasco lines – pass through Como and have plenty of space to take bicycles on.
Almost all Eurocity connections between Italy and Switzerland, passing though Como, on the Milan-Basel-Lucerne-Zurich and Milan lines, offer bicycle in tow service. To verify the effective presence of this service, look for the bicycle pictogram on the official timetable. Because of the limited space for bikes on board, it is advisable to check and book the bike space before departure. An extra charge will be counted for the transport of the bicycle.



You can also refer to the  guide Lariontheroad (pdf 7,76MB), ), suggesting many itineraries around Como and Lecco provinces. With a recommendation:
"When speeding, use your head and your body. That mastery that allows you to appreciate slowness, when being fast is completely useless. "
(Valentino Rossi #46)