Life Electric

“The Life Electric” monument, in honor of Alessandro Volta, is erected at the center of Lake Como’s first basin, standing at the final rounded portion of the breakwater facing Cavour Square.
Starchitect Daniel Libeskind is the man behind the work: clean-cut, linear, and deeply context-driven. Standing at roughly 16.50 m tall, it resembles two sine waves facing each other while playing on reciprocating curves and movement.
The work itself intertwines energetic and scientific elements with natural ones. It marks the area’s third pole as it is situated between the Brunate Lighthouse and the public gardens Temple, two other works that are, not coincidentally, dedicated to Volta.

"Life Electric is inspired by the electrical tension that occurs between the two poles of a battery, Volta’s great gift to humanity. The very shape of this work has arisen from my in-depth research on the representation of architectural energy. The piece combines the natural elements of light, wind and water. An installation, a physical and ideal gateway open to the twenty-first century". Daniel Libeskind

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