Palazzo Cernezzi

Currently headquarters of the Municipality of Como 

It has been built between the XVI and the XVII century on some preexisting medieval buildings. The Cemme's owned the building until 1591 when it has been bought by architect Giovanni Antonio Piotti, called il Vacallo, who was probably the one renovating and restoring it. 
Afterwards it became property of the the Porta Cernezzi's in 1657, Giovanni Brocca in 1821, and Agostino Bruni in 1838.  

In 1853 the building has been bought by the municipality and became its headquarters.
At sala consiliare marriages can be celebrated (alternatively marriages ceremonies can be celebrated at Sala Ovale or Tempietto Villa Olmo).

Via Vittorio Emanuele II 97
Phone: +39 031 2521
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