Grave of Alessandro Volta

Neoclassical temple in the form of a circle

The temple was built by Volta's wife and children after the designs of Melchiorre Nosetti and inaugurated on March 5 1831.

At the entrance you can find two statues by Luigi Argenti: one represents the Religion that prays for its son while the other represents the Science crying for its cultist. 
Inside, you can find a marble sarchofagus by sculptor Bayer on a bust by Giovan Battista Comolli. Next to the bust, two winged spirits, one of them crowing Volta. On top, a relief that represents Volta's life: the electrical battery presented to Napoleon in Paris in 1801.

This is a national monument following the Royal Decree by Vittorio Emanuele III, 27 February 1925.


Via Luigi Clerici
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