The first rooms are dedicated to the pre-Risorgimento period: we start from the Napoleonic era to arrive at the time of the Carbonari movements; then we move on to the hall concerning the anti-Austrian insurrection of 1848, which is a bit the centre of this journey.

The following small room is dedicated to the battle of San Fermo (1859) after which, defeated the Austrians, Garibaldi went down to Como.
The latter is dedicated to Garibaldi and its followers the hall of the Epopea Garibaldina, from the expedition of the Thousand of 1860 to the last flashes of the voluntarism of the red shirts in the Balkan Wars of 1912-13.
The second part of the Museum rooms are about contemporary history, that is the wars of the 1900s starting from the campaigns of Africa (1887-1937); to World War I, with numerous weapons and various items of military equipment. The last room collects memories of World War II; the two world conflicts are ideally linked by the relics placed in the environment dedicated to the Heroes from the city of Como.