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Discover the many interesting Museums in the city f Como. There are four Municipal Museums and other private Museums that display the most diverse collections. The four Municipal Museums are: Museo Giovio (Aercheological Museum), Museo Garibaldi (Historical Museum), PInacoteca Civica (Art Gallery) and Tempio Voltiano (Museum dedicated to Alessandro Volta). Other museums include the well-known Silk Museum of Como.

Aercheological Museum in Como

From Pre-history to Modern times: a truly surprising Museum

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Museo Storico Giuseppe Garibaldi

Risorgimento and contemporary history museum

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Pinacoteca Civica

Paintings, sculptures and Rationalism. A greatly rich art collection

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Tempio Voltiano

Neoclassical temple dedicated to Alessandro Volta inaugurated in July 1928

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Porta di Como Romana

The main town entrance during the Roman Empire

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Other museums

Museums in Como: art, culture, exhibitions and collections in town

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