Movie and photo production

Comune di Como collaborates with the Lombardia Film Commission, no-profit foundation of Regione Lombardia and Comune di Milano, to promote movies, TV shows, documentary films and commercials in the territory, in collaboration with Como Chambers of Commerce and local associations.

Besides the promotion of Como and its territory, also local companies and artisans benefit from this.

Many productions have been already set at Lake Como and the movie-guide "Stars of Lake Como" has been published.

Regione Lombardia has published the guide "Lombardia superstar - a region in 100 movies", telling how movies are of great importance in Lombardy. Como (and its lake) is one of the most popular places for movie production in the region. 

The producers supported by the Municipality of Como:

•    "Il Capitale Umano", Paolo Virzì (Italy, film, 2013);
•    "Una Grande Famiglia", 2nd and 3rd series of Claudio Milani (Italy, fiction Rai, 2013-2015);
•    "Bramhan" (India, Bollywood, film, 2013);
•    "Majnu" ((India, Bollywood, film, 2013);
•    "Rangbaaz" ((India, Bollywood, film, 2014);
•    "Race Gurram" ((India, Bollywood, film, 2014);
•    "I Secondi Vent’anni" (Corea, film, 2015);
•    "A boy and a girl" (Filippine, film, 2016);
•    "Rubic's Cube" (India, Bollywood, film, 2016);
•    "Europe riders" (Cina, film, september 2016);
•    "Le umane paure", of Monica Marioni (Italy, film, 2016);
•    “Haripada Bandwala” (India, Bollywood, film, november 2016);
•    “Tumi Je Ke Amar” (Bollywood, film, april 2017)
•    “Radha” (Bollywood, film, april 2017)
•    “Mahnubhavadu” (Bollywood, film, may 2017)
•    “Top Gear Francia”, (Italy, format tv, march 2018)
•    “La Compagnia del Cigno” with Anna Valle and Alessio Boni (Italy, tv series, april 2018)
•    “4 Ristoranti”, con Alessandro Borghese (Italy, format tv, may 2018)
•    “Rai Cultura – Viaggio della Bellezza” (Italy, documentary RAI, july 2018)
•    “Amici come prima”with Christian De Sica and Massimo Boldi (Italy, film, july 2018)
•    “Murder Mystery”, (USA, Hollywood, film, august 2018)
•    “The burnt orange heresy” with Mick Jagger and Donald Sutherland (USA, film, october 2018)


On Friday 14 June 2019 the film "Murder Mystery" will be available on the Netflix platform. In the summer of 2018, our city and our lake were sets for the film starring the famous Hollywood actors Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

The office Territorial Marketing, Communication, Tourism (contact person Chiara Casnati) it is the unique office for the release of the permissions necessary to cinematographic, audiovisual, photographic and commercial shooting. The office helps organize shootings in terms of logistics, documents, and contacts with local services.

The applicant can download the form and, completely filled, can send it to the mail address in order to activate the  procedure for the shooting authorization.
The form has to be presented at least 5 working days before the day of the shooting (it is not considered the day of the form presentation and the day of the shooting) in case of light shooting (with camera and tripod) and at least 20 working days before the day of the shooting (it is not considered the day of the form presentation and the day of the shooting) in case of complex requests.

Territorial Marketing
Cinematographic, audiovisual, photographic and commercial shooting
via Vittorio Emanuele II 97 - 22100 Como
T. 031.252.372

Hours on appointment

Contact Person
Chiara Casnati
ph. +39 031.252.372
mobile 346.4917189
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Office Director
Maurizio Ghioldi